tirumalla groundnut oil and groundnut oil cake

Groundnut Oil Cake

We offer Groundnut Oil Cakes made from groundnuts after the extraction of oil from them. These are the by-products of groundnuts with the presence of appropriate oil content and make an excellent cattle feed. The oil cakes are widely used in animal feeding, bird feeding, organic fertilizers etc.
We deliver the right quantity and quality of Groundnut Oil Cakes at affordable and competitive prices. Looking at the value and demand for oil cakes in the domestic and open market, The Kute Group has ventured into its production, bringing value to the farmers.
‘Udta Ghoda’ and ‘Gaay Vasaru’ are our well known and reliable Groundnut Oil Cake products.


Groundnut Kernels are separated from the outer cover and cleaned properly to remove, dirt, sand, and spoilt seeds. Dry screening helps to remove all over or undersized seeds. These are then passed through a series of conveyor belts to latest technology pressing machines where oil is extracted. Over 85% of the oil from the seed extracted is using the mechanical press. The by-product obtained is used for the production of oil cakes.
We have five Oil Cake manufacturing units producing top-notch Groundnut and Cotton Seed Oil cakes processed under the supervision of trained staff.

Tirumalla Product offering

1 Sample Availability Yes
2 Supplier Product Code -
3 Main Markets/Key Customers Cattle feed and animal feed
4 Delivery Terms Ready delivery
5 Delivery Lead Times 3 to 4 days
6 Payment Terms Advance payment RTGS/ TT/ DD. depends on requirement.
7 Min Quantity 100 Kgs