tirumalla groundnuts

The Kute Group’s “TIRUMALLA” is a reputed brand in edible oils. Tirumalla Groundnut Edible Oil was launched in bulk trading at Maharashtra level in the year of 2016-17 and in a short span of time, it has become one of the most trusted brands in edible oils.
Tirumalla Groundnuts Industries (I) Pvt. Ltd. with its manufacturing units has big production capacity per day with High-Grade Groundnut Oil and Groundnut Oil cakes. We endeavor to create a culture of “Total Quality” where continuous improvement of our people, processes and products becomes a way of life.
Tirumalla Edible Oils are striving to serve in every nook and corner of the country through continuous expansion. Apart from Tirumalla Groundnut oil, we have a strong presence in other edible oils also under the same brand like –Tirumalla Sunflower oil, Tirumalla Cottonseed oil, Tirumalla Soybean oil, Tirumalla Palm oil.
The journey of Tirumalla Oils by The Kute Group has been commendable in achieving the trust of its customers. Over the years, due to its quality products and services, it has satisfied a million homemakers in making healthy food for their families.